Back in the early 90’s, our founders Greg Cody along with Co-Founders Robert Butwell and Mike Green, set out to fill a niche within the TWT industry and brazing community.  At the time Greg was in between jobs and contract manufacturing was becoming mainstream in nearby Silicon Valley.  This along with their professions and experiences led them to believe their collective resolve could undoubtedly fill this void.  They firmly believed they could be successful and managed to convince some friends and family to invest in their start-up as well.

Once the business charter was laid out they needed to come up with a name.  Greg Cody wanted to name the company “Andromeda Technologies” after the street where he lived in one of our own Bay Area cities.  The other founders thought it would be too hard to spell and after the stardust settled, the founders finally agreed to call the new company “Altair Technologies, Inc”.  One would think they chose the name “Altair” since it is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila. Actually, it was much simpler than that. These fine gentlemen chose the name “Altair” because it was the next street over.

Thus, 1991 saw the humble beginnings of “Altair Technologies, Inc”.

Originally located on Bransten Ave in San Carlos, California, Altair bought its first braze furnace out of a barn in the state of Illinois.  Although Altair wasn’t the first “Brazer” in Silicon Valley, it was the first Brazer in the SF Bay Area to focus on the Electron Beam market. 

The initial business model was to sell RF Windows to Varian Medical, which proved more difficult than originally planned.  It was definitely a long 3 years but Altair finally became self-sufficient selling brazing services.  The mid 90’s brought some additional success stories and achievements and around 1995 Altair introduced its first product, the S-Band RF Window.  This same RF Window design is still in use today in many Medical Accelerators for the treatment of Cancer.

In the late 90’s Altair moved down the street sharing a building with Eimac and in 2004 the team moved to a 24,000 square foot facility in Menlo Park, California. With its headquarters in Menlo Park, CA, Altair Technologies Inc. serves customers throughout the United States and internationally by providing innovative brazing services and industry leading support.

Nineteen years have passed and Altair has become one of the most successful braze service providers in the industry.  Our dedicated team of professionals are some of the most respected people in the industry.  Altair is quickly becoming known for Design Engineering services as well as collaborating with customers to improve their existing products.  Over the years, the business model expanded to include Medical / Security, Defense, Semiconductor and Research market segments. 

Altair’s proud history allows us to boast a number of products, such as Electron Guns, Ion Pumps and RF Windows. Altair shipped its first product overseas in 2001 and today is a global contract manufacturer with a significant amount of revenue outside of the US.  
We welcome the opportunity to show you the brazing expertise behind the Altair logo and encourage you to call upon our services for your Electron Guns, RF Windows, HV Feed Throughs, Target Assemblies, Custom Waveguides and Ion Pump requirements. 
Join the many customers that have partnered with us as we continue to build on our reputation by providing extraordinary value and quality for their customers and their investors.