Why Altair


Altair Technologies, Inc., is a leader in contract manufacturing where furnace brazing technology, full service engineering and manufacturing services are required. Altair has a long history of adding capabilities and capacity to better serve our customers.

Through engineering excellence and the highest quality products and services, we serve a spectrum of industries including the medical and security, defense, semi-conductor, alternative energy and other industries that require high temperature and high vacuum applications.

Vision Statement: "We'll transform the company into an accelerator product
company focused on medical and security markets."

Mission Statement: "Our mission is to engineer and manufacture components
and devices for medical imaging/treatment systems and industrial/security systems.


At Altair, we have a collaborative mentality. Our goal is to apply our exceptional engineering and quality management for defect-free products. We take on challenging assignments that require special skills or fast turn-around. Our responsive, knowledgeable engineering support team delivers smart technical solutions on time and on budget.

Altair Technologies is located in Menlo Park, near San Francisco offering brazing services, technologies and contract manufacturing worldwide.


Altair's primary difference is that we have a team of five engineers/scientists on staff, the largest of any known Contract Brazer. Our engineers and manufacturing staff come from an highly regarded companies that manufacture TWTs and accelerators, and offer a combined 50+ years of experience.

We look for people with relevant expertise. Numerous Altair technicians come from companies that manufactured TWTs and accelerators.

Altair has more braze capacity than any other local contract Brazer with 15 furnaces, having hot-zones ranging in size from 10 to 48 inches.

Altair was the first Contract Brazer in Northern California:

  • To introduce in-house machining capability (in the mid-90s), with five CNC’s and a complement of “manual” machines. Recently our competitors have started to imitate Altair Technologies and have also begun adding this capability.
  • To introduce a hepa-filtered clean room (class 10,000).
  • To focus our marketing and capabilities on electron beam devices such as Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT’s), Accelerators, and X-ray Tubes.

Altair is the only known Contract Brazer:

  • To also offer in-house Bakeout capability, allowing us to better serve the electron beam and ion device community.
  • To also provide Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engineering services.
  • With the capability to cold-test electron beam/RF devices.
  • To also perform electrical testing like Hi-potting and cathode emission curves.
  • That also designs and manufacturers its own proprietary products such as Electron Guns,
    RF Windows, and Ion Pumps and Target Assemblies.
  • To design, repair and manufacture klystrons and accelerators.

Altair is committed to education and was the first Contract Brazer to launch and maintain a Blog on “brazing”, “welding”, “machining’ and “engineering.”

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"Altair's engineers have been working with CPI for a long time. They know what needs to be done. Altair meets the specs for our components and provides fantastic quality."

-Mike Bayless
Engineering Manager
CPI (Palo Alto, CA)

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