cu-to-cu1Although most of the brazing performed at Altair Technologies is done in either Hydrogen gas or high vacuum (typically in the 10-5 range or better), we have the ability to use many different types of atmospheres with our braze furnaces. Other braze atmospheres include inert gases like Nitrogen, Argon, Helium and other chemically active atmospheres such as forming gas N2 / H2(5%). Air brazing and fluxes are not used in any of Altair’s processes.

Cleanliness of the parts is always critical to successful brazing. This includes being free of organic materials such as grease and oils which are removed by our environmentally friendly cleaning system. In addition, the parts need to be free of oxides which would prevent the joining of materials. In order to remove oxides and residual hydrocarbons, a suitable furnace environment is selected that will reduce oxide formation and remove hydrocarbons during the braze cycle.