processes_clean-room-assemblyBack in the mid 90’s, Altair Technologies was the first known contract Brazer to introduce mechanical assembly into a hepa-filtered Class 10,000 Clean Room. Since then it has started to become the standard of the contract brazing industry. Not only are our clean rooms hepa-filter, but they are also pressure, temperature and humidity controlled to provide an optimum environment for building high vacuum assemblies. In many cases our assembly areas are cleaner than our customer’s assembly departments where they also build and braze their vacuum products.

All assembly work (except for our industrial assemblies that are usually machined after they leave our facility) are built in a clean room and are stored in one of the many dry nitrogen boxes located throughout our manufacturing and inspection department areas.

It should also be noted that the moment an assembly emerges from our brazprocesses_clean-room-assembly1e furnace it is ultra clean due to the fact that all oxidations and hydrocarbons are removed or completely volatilized during the brazing process. We always take care to limit any exposure an assembly might see when not being assembled or brazed.

Only in extremely rare cases do we handle materials with high vapor pressures and when doing so, these materials are never assembled in our Clean Rooms, brazed in any of our furnaces or machined in any of our machines.

Once completed and inspected, virtually all assemblies are vacuum purged and back-filled with an inert gas into a MIL-Spec metal foil laminated bag specially designed to keep the assembly free from dust, dirt and other potential contaminants and also to keep the assemblies from oxidizing before use.