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brazing_homeThe majority of brazing performed at Altair Technologies is done in a furnace using radiant heat. With the exception of torch brazing, which is only used when specified by our customers, we do not use a flame to braze any assemblies.

Furnace brazing at Altair Technologies uses a fluxless controlled atmosphere of

Hydrogen (wet or dry)
High Vacuum (10-5 & 10-6)
Inert Gas, Gas Blends, Partial Pressure

The entire assembly is heated uniformly and multiple joints are brazed simultaneously. Furnace brazing provides the highest quality joints and is the only technique well adapted to intricate assemblies, ceramic-to-metal bonding, large/massive parts, or highly reactive materials. Furnace Brazing can also accommodate a wide range of geometries.

In order to achieve high quality braze joints, the design must conform to strict design rules and it is highly recommended that you allow us to help you with your braze design.

Altair has a large range of furnace sizes to meet your needs with the smallest using a 10 inch diameter hot-zone and the largest having a 48 inch diameter hot-zone.brazing_home1

Many of our furnaces use special cascade controllers with proprietary logic that eliminates operator error, eliminates the need to “trim” at or near the braze temperature and provides virtually perfect thermal repeatability run after run, regardless of load size, configuration or material being brazed. Each run is monitored and recorded by our Data Logger, resulting in a permanent electronic file recording each thermal profile; time, temperature and pressure. We also boast very uniform temperatures, due to independently controlled hot zones, especially in our custom made furnaces used for vacuum brazing aluminum.

Gold, Nickel, Aluminum and Silver bearing filler alloys (comes in sheet, wire, paste and powder forms) are commonly used for joining metals and metals to ceramics. When the alloy becomes liquidus or molten, strong capillary forces pull the alloy between mating surfaces, which is then cooled forming a metallurgical bond. Our furnaces are also capable of diffusion bonding.

brazing_home2Altair Technologies is a manufacturing company with excess equipment capacity to help meet the quick turnaround requirements of our customers. We are vertically integrated and also offer many complimentary manufacturing services such as machining chemical cleaning, welding, bakeout, high-voltage testing and more.

Precision furnace brazing produces assemblies that emerge from the furnace to exact dimensions. Our engineers conduct a design review of customer supplied information to ensure that the assembly will be successful. Design reviews assist us in improving joint designs and optimizing the brazing process to meet our customer’s objectives. We pay careful attention to selecting the right materials and alloys to create the braze joint. Furnace atmosphere, furnace ramp rates, soak times and cooling characteristics are determined as a function of the assembly’s mass and geometry. Many other parameters are taken into consideration in each project, and work instructions are created from the complete project assessment. As a result, we are able to create near perfect yields and quick turnaround time. Altair monitors and tracks every aspect of every job performed as a means of ensuring that all outputs meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.

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