product_electrongunAltair Technologies is the leader in designing, building and supplying both custom and production Electron Guns and Electron Sources by OEM’s and various research entities. Our Electron Guns and Electron Sources are used on Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT’s), Klystrons, X-ray Sources and primarily on linear accelerators for medical (oncology), industrial screening and national laboratory applications.

These sources are commonly referred to as “guns” by the industry. We’ve built photo emission guns, but our designs use impregnated cathodes, which use thermionic emission to generate electrons from the heat created by the heater or filament. These electrons are then voltage biased by a grid or electrode and focused into the desired direction or circuit.

Here at Altair Technologies, we’ve been designing and manufacturing electrons guns primarily for medical and security accelerators (LINAC) and various research applications. We have electron guns specifically designed to mate with Siemens, Varian, TomoTherapy, IntraOp and Accuray guides. We also repair Elekta electron guns and Mitsubishi electron guns and electron sources and sell the “Emitter” used on the medical Elekta Guides. Our more recent electron gun introduction includes drop-in replacements for Varian’s high-energy and low-energy high output electron guns. Not only do we offer our own proprietary aftermarket designs, but we also remanufacture the existing OEM guns by replacing the critical subassemblies and components with “new.” Remanufactured electron guns meet all the electrical and mechanical requirements of the OEM versions, offer the same life expectancy and warranty, but usually at a fraction of the costs.elekta_electron_gun

Cathodes are provided from one of the two leading cathode manufacturers in the US and can be provided with virtually any of the known impregnation mixes and/or coatings.

We also have our own proprietary grid forming and manufacturing process which offers better delivery and better control over key features.

mistubishi-Gun-iconElectron guns are assembled in a hepa-filtered clean room by highly trained and skilled technicians who also have prior electron gun building experience. Absolute cleanliness and attention to detail is used to make all our electron guns. Several high magnification optical inspections and measurements are recorded during the build. Most electron guns are baked-out and stored in vacuum tight metal canisters while some are also hi-potted (high-voltage processed and conditioned) and emission tested, where cathode roll-off curves are inspected for conformance.

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Altair Electron Gun 

Part# A101595
Siemens/Accuray Electron Gun
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pdf_16x16Electrical Specification Data Sheet

Part# A102987
“Low Dose” Electron Gun
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pdf_16x16Electrical Specification Data Sheet

High Energy Electron Gun