A Rich History of Excellence
Altair Technologies has a history of innovation and developing creative solutions to customers’ unique assignments.

Engineering Milestones

  • In the mid 90’s, Altair introduced its first-ever proprietary products, an S-Band RF Window designed for medical oncology accelerators. Today we sell hundreds of these RF Windows and have leveraged this original design into many new RF Windows for various applications.
  • In 2003, Altair developed an all-brazed Degas Pedestal for a semiconductor capital equipment OEM, and soon thereafter, we replaced their existing supplier and began supplying this high-level assembly in Tier 1 fashion.
  • In 2003, Altair developed and later qualified its very first Electron Gun and 2 Liter Ion Pump products targeted at medical accelerators used for oncology treatments.
  • By 2004, Altair completed an extensive product transfer with a local defense contractor and began supplying millions of dollars worth of high-level assembly products for a Navy shipboard radar system.
  • In 2007, Altair submitted a patent application for an improved and novel fixturing design used primarily on vacuum brazed aluminum assemblies.
  • In 2007, Altair developed many specialized in-house processes, component sub-assemblies and tooling to remanufacture its first-ever S-Band Medical Accelerator.
  • In 2007, Altair set a new in-house record for producing 20,000+ Electrode assemblies per month on a recurring basis becoming not only a high-mix low-volume producer, but a high-volume production house as well.
  • In 2008, Altair perfected a process and mechanical design to eliminate the spring-back effect that occurs on Moly grids after forming and etching.
  • In 2008, Altair collaborated with a large oncology OEM to facilitate the manufacture of a next-generation Accelerator, successfully building several guides to specification.
  • In 2009, Altair developed and shipped a high energy Target Assembly compatible with several thousand oncology machines/accelerators worldwide.
  • In the summer of 2012, Altair shipped its first turnkey X-Band Mobetron accelerator. The guide is targeted for the medical market specializing in electron therapy. Altair Engineering implemented various redesign features and contributed to the development of new IP, WSBK, SSBK, Novel electron gun for extreme back-heating, Novel energy switch, Altair designed multi-energy electron accelerator 6,9,& 12 MeV, Altair shipped 6 MeV S-Band, Multi energy, multi radiation guide 6-15 MeV

Notable Projects

logo_16-16  2008 – 2010 brazed >2,700 consecutive ESC Aluminum Cooling Assemblies with zero defects (100% first-pass yield!)
logo_16-16  Built High Energy X-Band Accelerators – Turnkey (security)
logo_16-16  Co-developed and Produced 160 KV X-ray Tube (semiconductor)
logo_16-16  Designed and sell Electron Guns (medical & Industrial)
logo_16-16  We form Moly Grids for Electron guns and sources In-House
logo_16-16  Produced 1,000 Mini-bodies per Week
logo_16-16  Produced 30,000 5 mm Electrode Assemblies per Month
logo_16-16  Over a period of 6 months, In-sourced >$3M on one CCTWT Line (Defense)
logo_16-16  Co-developed and Shipped Prototype Neutron Tubes
logo_16-16  Have begun collaborating and a One-of-a-Kind CCTWT
logo_16-16  Refurbish/repair Accelerators for both medical and industrial applications
logo_16-16  Shipped 10’s of thousands of Anode Bodies and Target Assemblies
logo_16-16  Braze CVD Diamond Targets & CVD Diamond Exit Windows
logo_16-16  Braze Aluminum Targets & Aluminum Exit Windows
logo_16-16  Braze Beryllium Exit Windows