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At Altair, we pride ourselves as being an engineering-savvy brazer. Our collaborative services cover the full spectrum, from metallurgy and braze-joint designs to complete 3D CAD modeling and analysis. The foundation of Altair Technologies is structured around the idea of always adding value to our customers’ projects and needs. Our engineers are innovative, cost conscious, smart and responsive. We offer complete contract design and manufacturing services to meet every client’s specific project needs and provide extensive knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing principles, with a proven record of success.

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Engineering Expertise and Excellenceengineering_3d
Our company was co-founded by engineers and scientists who have past and present working tenures at Varian Medical Systems (VMS), or its closely related supplier Communication and Power Industries (CPI). Our founders are not only experts at brazing technology and welding, but also fluently knowledgeable in material science, cathodes, chemical engineering, and TWT & Accelerator design and manufacture. Although our founders do not currently work directly for Altair Technologies, they remain as shareholders whose expertise, along with their contacts and resources, help to support and broaden Altair’s technical genius well beyond that of our competitors.

Altair’s current engineering staff preserves the same traditions. Our engineers have an extensive background with manufacturing and processing services with proven successes within the high-temperature and vacuum industries. Our technical staff thrives on collaborative accomplishments, displaying persistent drive to excel and experience the enjoyment of elated customers.

engineering_3d1Altair engineers hold several U.S. Patents, all associated with TWT technology and brazing. In addition to several proprietary processes and designs developed at Altair as Trade Secrets, we currently have a patent pending associated with an innovative solution for the vacuum brazing of aluminum.