Highly Respected DESIGN ExPERTISE

At Altair Technologies, we pride ourselves on our engineering desires and drive and offer the strongest and broadest design capability of any other Brazer regionally, and possibly nationwide. Each member of our staff developed years of experience before coming to Altair. These individual experiences are brought together at Altair form a team unmatched in the design, development and manufacturing of products for the medical, security, industrial and research markets.

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We offer many essential levels of design expertise and proficiencies, including:

  • Braze Joint Design
  • Fixture and Tooling Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • 3-D Modeling and CAD
  • Manufacturing Drafting and Documentation
  • Material Compatibility and Braze Alloy Selection
  • Thermal Design and FEA
  • High Voltage Design
  • RF Design
  • Electron Gun Optical Design
  • Accelerator Design and Development
  • Klystron Design and Development
  • Electron Source Design


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In addition to manufacturing design services, Altair Engineering TeAM can assist with other product tasks, including:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Cycle Reduction
  • Yield
  • Reliability Modeling & Prediction
  • Product Improvement
  • Failure/Cross-Sectional Analysis

Responsive and Cost-Effective Contract Engineering Services

Altair Technologies has decades of technical experience relating to the joining of materials. Our objective is that your project is a complete success.  We recommend involving our engineering staff in the infancy stages of product concept and design, where we can support your project and even lead a technology transfer into Altair Technologies.  

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For early stage involvement, contact Altair’s Sales Department about our consulting design and analysis services.

The Engineering Process at Altair Technologies

Like many other manufacturing operations, Altair engineering supports its own product research and development, design, manufacturing processes and continuous improvement efforts. Additionally in the spirit of collaboration, our engineering staff is in direct contact with many existing and potential customers.  We are a technically driven company and have found that technical sales tend to dominate the decision making of many key accounts. 

Virtually every request for a quote is reviewed by our engineering staff. In many cases, the job structure and any follow-up inquiries are conducted by the engineer who will oversee and perhaps build the product. When applicable, we go beyond the specifications listed and inquire about legacy data and conditions, often helping to identify any unforeseen issues at a system level. Some customers request we perform an in-depth print package review and make recommendations for high quality braze joints before releasing their documentation.  Our customers tend to develop strong relationships with our engineering staff and regard these relationships as the center of our value proposition. 


"We offer extensive knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing principles with proven abilities for developing inventive products and tools for various industries. We believe in a collaborative design process with our customers, building prosperous relationships."

-Chris Ferrari
Director of Engineering
Altair Technologies (Menlo Park, CA)

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