product_ion-pumpAn Ion Pump is a vacuum pump that uses an electric field to accelerate and traps ions into a solid electrode usually made from Titanium. The embedded ions are effectively removed from the vacuum chamber, resulting in a net pumping action. Ion pumps are commonly used in ultra high vacuum and can attain pressures less than x 10-11. Ion Pumps have no moving parts and use no oil and are commonly used on vacuum devices like linear accelerators, traveling wave tubes and x-ray tubes.

Altair Technologies produces both 0.25 liter and 2.0 liter models, which can be modified to almost any configuration and offers the ability to scale these designs as needed. Ion Pumps come with both conflate or weld flanges to meet your specific requirements.

Can be delivered under a vacuum atmosphere
Low and High volume runs
Springs/magnets also available upon request

Pumps are sold with and without:

  • shock and vibration testing
  • under vacuum
  • glazed or unglazed ceramic

We also make Ion Pumps turnkey to your specifications.

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Mini Ion Pump – 0.15 l/s 

Part# A102767
A101767 Data Sheet
0.15 l/s Ion Pump

Ion Pump – 2.0 l/s 

Part# A102209

2.0 l/s Ion Pump