processes-machiningAltair has maintained in-house machining capabilities since the mid 90’s and was the first contract Brazer in the San Francisco Bay Area to introduce these capabilities.

Having in-house machining allows Altair to better manage the on-time delivery of assemblies but more importantly ensure the utmost quality and cleanliness of products destined for high vacuum applications. Although we do machine components, our Shop’s primary functions include in-process and final machining, prototyping, tooling and quick-turn. We have both Mori Seiki CNC Lathes (3 machines) and Mills (2 machines) and a host of manual lathes and mills which are invaluable to our ability to machine brazed assemblies and quickly respond to machining needs.

We are particularly adept at machining surfaces for high-voltage or high field gradient operatioprocesses-machining1n and can readily machine 8 micro-inch surfaces or polish to better than 2.5 micro-inch surfaces. We source control our coolants, which have been approved by all of our existing high-vacuum customers and sometimes lot control our vacuum grade raw materials, such as OFE Copper 101.