Altair was the first local Brazer to focus on microwave vacuum electron devices. Shortly after Altair’s inception, the company began specializing in Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT’s) that were primarily used in military radar applications.

The three main product lines we support are Coupled Cavity TWT’s, Helix TWT’s and Klystrons. A large part of our technical staff engineered these products prior to their employment with Altair and maintains excellent product knowledge, which we find invaluable when working with our defense customers. Most of our manufacturing staff also worked on these products prior to Altair and are well trained and adept at handling components and subassemblies used in high-voltage and high vacuum products.

Today these same product groups are essential to many defense and commercial applications and are utilized in many radar and electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems as well as weather radar and air traffic control.  Whether it’s for a fighter aircraft, missile seeker or a ground based or naval radar system, you can count on Altair Technologies to meet or exceed your expectations.

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"I've done business with Altair on two different projects that consisted of customized cooling plates for a high power laser system. The parts were very nicely made and have performed nicely. I went back to them afterwards for a much larger and more advanced version of this design which also turned out very nicely. Very nice people."

-Richard Hayes
Textron Defense Systems

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