Silicon Wafer


With our close proximity to Silicon Valley and the constant demand for quick-turn and reliable brazed assemblies, Altair has always provided brazing services to many of the Tier 1 suppliers for the capital equipment OEMs in Silicon Valley. These include Lam Research, AMAT, Novellus Systems, and KLA-Tencor.

We routinely braze SST and Titanium assemblies for the PVD semiconductor market.  In the mid 1990s we introduced specially designed vacuum aluminum brazing furnaces for the CVD market. These furnaces utilize special ribbon-type heating elements and several independently controlled hot-zones for improved temperature uniformity. Unlike dip-brazing of aluminum, vacuum brazing is salt and flux free, producing an ultra-clean product that won’t contaminate or “leach out” into your vacuum chamber over time. The vacuum brazing of aluminum leaves a smooth almost undetectable braze joint, which is hermetic, strong and also more aesthetically pleasing than the large non-uniform weld bead seen on TIG welded assemblies. For assemblies using heating elements, we have a proprietary technique that virtually achieves 360 degrees of bonding around the circumference of the heating element used on pedestals and tables. Unlike welding or standard brazing methods, this ~360 bond allows for better temperature uniformity and/or high power density due to the much improved thermal conductive path that it provides.

Altair Technologies has always enjoyed excellent customer loyalty on semiconductor products and with very good reason. The first pass yields on SST and 6061 Aluminum brazed assemblies typically run >99%

In addition to  providing brazing services for the many machine shops in our area, we provide high level turnkey assemblies:

  • Heaters or Heater Tables
  • Coolers
  • Electro-Static Chucks
  • Showerheads
  • Water Boxes
  • Gas Boxes
  • Cavity Adapters
  • Pedestals
  • UHV Feed-Through

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"Altair has been instrumental to the success of our company's ever-increasing service needs, and will be a critical partner as we meet our ambitious plans for future business."

-Dario Sekelj
Sales Director

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