linac_secAltair Technologies, Inc. located in Menlo Park, California is an ISO 9001:2008 registered global contract manufacturer providing braze services, welding, machining, chemical cleaning and clean room assembly, along with engineering design and support services targeted at medical products with an emphasis on linear accelerators (LINACs) used in radiology/oncology systems.

Beyond the services we provide, Altair also sells proprietary products such as RF Window, Electron Guns, Target Assemblies and Ion Pumps that compliment our complete turnkey offering. These products and services include re-design, retrofit, refurbishment and replacement of key assemblies including Electron Guns, Target Assemblies, RF Windows, Exit Windows, Ion Pumps, Wave Guides, Anode Assemblies and other components that make up the structure of a complete LINAC used in an Oncology Systems.

In this secondary market, we are either selling our products as replacements for failed assemblies on existing machines or working with our channel partners and hospitals to refurbish or remanufacture the large OEM’s accelerators using Altair designed and manufactured Electron Guns, Targets, RF Windows and/or Ion Pumps. Learn more about our work for Oncology Services International.linac_part

The worldwide healthcare market is influenced by a number of trends including technology that is addressing an ever increasing number of medical ailments and is aiding in early diagnosis and prevention of diseases. Altair Technologies supports many products for customers who make X-ray Tubes for CT Scanners to those who make Positrons for treatment and early detection of cancer.

We also do high volume production and have produced as many as 25,000 units per month of a large medical OEM’s surgical device as well as implants used in the treatment of arterial failure.

In terms of products and processes, the work we do for the medical industry leverages naturally into the Security market, which also uses X-ray Tubes and Accelerators. These devices produce high energy x-rays which are used in security inspection systems of baggage, semi-trucks, ship hulls and other types of cargo.