High Voltage Processing & Cathode Emission

High Voltage Processing & Cathode Emission

After bakeout, we routinely help our customers with various types of high-voltage testing and conditioning. and conditioning. We vacuum leak check the device with a testa-coil to ensure the device is vacuum tight and an ion pump power supply. Once the desired vacuum pressure has been measured and recorded, we perform heater aging to remove any gas/ions that has been “gettered” into the cathode’s impregnation mix. We have a highly effective process to clean up ion pumps experiencing high leakage currents.

WE ARE THE ONLY contract Brazer with HV testing capability AND expertise

  • Electron Guns, Collectors, Insulated Targets and other isolated high voltage assemblies can be hi-potted to ensure stable high-voltage operation. Our in-house hi-pot capability goes up to 50 KV DC. We also have in-house AC hi-pot capability.
  • After conditioning and at the request of the customer we can RTV your high voltage assembly(s) to increase its high voltage stand-off in air.
  • Altair is the only known contract Brazer with high-voltage testing capability and expertise.  We routinely perform emission testing (cathode roll-off curves) on all our electron guns to ensure proper operation. 
  • Altair now has a modulator capable of furthering our test capability and allowing RF testing in-house.  

Inge of HV chart


"We recently installed the High Energy Gun received from Altair Technologies. We had an extremely demanding customer and could not afford a delay. The Altair gun was a direct replacement that activated quickly and was soon running like a champ. Thank you, Altair."

-Ron Drake
Senior Vice President
Oncology Services International

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