Processes & QC

Here at Altair Technologies we maintain many manufacturing processes to better support our customer’s. All of our in-house processes are considered core competencies where we continually strive for process control and improvement as well as the relative expertise we need to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations. The cornerstone of a superior manufacturing company is a well trained and well disciplined workforce supported well defined and tightly controlled processes. This is Altair Technologies.

Brazing – We provide precision furnace brazing services and engineering services focused on braze design and engineering process control.

Diffusion Bonding – Is achieved under high pressure and temperatures with the proper materials and surface characteristics. This technique joins two materials without the use of braze filler alloy.
Laser Welding – In some cases laser welding is preferred over brazing and or can be used in conjunction with brazing to produce the best possible and most economical solution.
Heat Treating & Clean Firing – Braze furnaces can also be used to change the material properties of certain materials as well as dry contaminants or oxides from the surface of metals.
Welding – Welding is also integral to our core competencies and we believe we have the very best welders in our industry.
Machining – Altair Technologies introduced machining capabilities back in the 90’s and today boast a full-service machine shop specializing in in-process machining, tooling, quick turn and prototyping.
Chemical Cleaning – Most of Altair’s chemical cleaning process is environmentally friendly and has been in use here for many, many years. When our internal process is not adequate we have a few source controlled local suppliers with several stronger cleaning processes.
Quality & Inspection – Altair performs a high level of incoming and final inspection to ensure our products meet or exceed our customer’s requirements. We take quality seriously and take pride in the work we do.
Leak Detection – 100% Helium Mass Spec leak detection is used as one of our in-process inspection test methods, where leaks into the 10-10 scale can be identified.
Bakeout – Bakeout, also sometimes called Exhaust is performed here at Altair Technologies in our double vacuum cryo-pump systems. Today we are the only known contract manufacturer who also provides Bakeout services.
High Voltage Processing and Cathode Emission – We not only design and build electron guns and other high-voltage devices, but have the equipment and training to conditioned, test and verify proper operation of these critical assemblies.
Clean Room Assembly – All of our high vacuum products intended to be shipped in ready-for-use condition are built in a Class 10,000 hepa filtered room that is also humidity and temperature controlled. Are attention to cleanliness results in higher yields and faster processing of our customer’s product(s).