product-rf_windowAltair Technologies is the leader in designing, building and supplying both custom and production RF Windows used by OEM’s and various research entities. Our Windows are used on many types of RF devices, but are primarily used on linear accelerators for medical (oncology), industrial screening and national laboratory applications.

RF Windows transmit RF or microwave power from a vacuum into an air filled or more likely an inert gas filled transmission line like a waveguide. It is a resonant cavity designed to maximize RF (radio frequency) power transmission, with minimal loss over a desired frequency range.

We have a number of RF Window designs being sold around the world in L-Band, S-Band, and X-Band frequencies. We can quickly and routinely make a custom design to meet your specific needs and we can also turnkey your RF Window design to your exact specifications.

RF Window flanges are typically made out of stainless steel and we supplyproduct-rf_window1 virtually every flange type including conflats, SLAC or Varian type flanges, LIL, Cover, Choke & Vacuum. We can also configure your Window to have a mating Weld flange of almost any configuration.

Window materials include Alumina (AL-300, AL-500, AD-94, etc.), Beryllium Oxide, Quartz and more.

Windows are impedance matched to minimize reflection and achieve low insertion loss and excellent VSWR. Some designs have a return loss of -40 dB or an equivalent VSWR of 1.02:1 in the selected frequency range.

Frequency Range Average Power Peak Power Maximum VSWR Cooling RF Flanges Waveguide Size
(Ghz) (kW) (MW) (__:1)
1.15-1.90 >300 >100 1.1 Liquid Any WR 650
1.20-1.60 >300 >100 1.05 Liquid Any WR 650
2.840 10 7.5 1.06 Liquid Any WR 284
2.856 >20 >20 1.05 Liquid Any WR 284
2.998 >20 >30 1.03 Liquid Any WR 284
2.99-3.35 20 7.5 1.08 Liquid Any WR 284
4.4-5.0 30 5.0 1.10 Liquid Any WR 187
9.300 >5 >2.0 1.05 Liquid Any WR 112

Frequency ranges can be shifted to meet most customer requirementsproducts-rf-window2products-rf-window3

Peak power ratings with pressurized dry air (@30lb/in2-g)

Peak power ratings are subject to pulse length.

Windows are typically coated with multipactor coating

Windows bakeable to >500 °Cproducts-rf-window4high_power_icon

Depending on average power, some designs will not require cooling water.

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