Target Assemblies

Target Assemblies

Target Assemblies are critical components of any X-ray Tube, medical or security Accelerator and Positron. For almost two decades and continuing today, we have been building various turnkey Target Assemblies based on our customer’s design which generally use Tungsten or Rhodium as the x-ray generating target material.

In more recent years we designed and developed a family of proprietary medical target assembly products (see Blog Post "New X-Ray Target Surface Finish) and Exit Windows designed specifically to mate with Siemens and TomoTherapy guides and as a drop-in replacement for Varian’s high-energy and low energy guides. Not only do we offer our own aftermarket designs, but we also remanufacture the existing OEM’s Target Assemblies. Remanufactured targets meet all the requirements of the OEM version, including life expectancy and warranty, but usually at a fraction of the costs.

Target Assembly

For designs where the surface finish of the target is critical, we can attain better than 4 micro-inches and have a special in-house process for achieving near perfect visual uniformity across the entire surface of the target (see Blog post “New X-ray Target Surface Finish).

Target Assemblies are assembled in a hepa-filtered clean room by highly trained and skilled technicians. At the customer’s request, Target Assemblies can be clean fired, baked-out and/or stored in vacuum tight metal canisters.



"We needed a new, better brazing resource and found Altair. Altair is able to do brazing and engineering for us, definitely a pair of specialized services."

- Dominic Greco
Regional Sales Manager

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