Customer and Peer Testimonials
Altair Technologies is highly regarded by customers and industry peers, as illustrated by these testimonials. Contact a sales rep today to discuss your specific needs for high temperature Furnace Brazing, custom Engineering solutions or contract Manufacturing Services.


“I have to admit, owing mostly to the inviolable laws of physics, this was a hard one to endure. I’ve been servicing equipment of one form or another since I was 18 years old and linear accelerators since 1988. With 10 years as a service company owner (OSI), I’ve learned a couple things:

Things sometimes go wrong. Hopefully these events are rare – but to some degree, mistakes are inevitable. And, What matters most is how one handles these unfortunate incidences.

Altair Technologies rose to the occasion and did everything that could be reasonably expected or hoped for under the circumstances. RAD appreciates your effort and professionalism during this repair and will certainly come to Altair again if we are ever in need of your services. Many Thanks to you, Gene and the rest of the Altair team!”

Kenneth Wright
Director of TRV Services

“We received the last four IPM tanks and they look beautiful. Thank you for all the hard work and beautiful craftsmanship Altair put into making these chambers. I will definitely have Altair on my list for the next project that requires your expertise.”

Eliazar Ortiz
Senior Engineer

“Altair Technologies has been a strategic supplier for many years. This is extremely important during these changing times to have stable suppliers. Their commitment to delivering quality products stems from their core of manufacturing excellence. They have excellent processes, quality, turnaround time and technical support which enable us to meet our customers’ demands. We consider Altair Technologies a key supplier in our supply chain and highly recommend their services.”

Tom Gott
Planning/Purchasing Manager

TomoTherapy develops and markets equipment for radiation therapy. The equipment allows for a CT scan and radiation therapy to be done at the same time. The equipment is designed to allow for localized dose delivery making use of a linear accelerator.

“We selected Altair for the assignment based on the abilities of the engineering team. We are particularly impressed with the skills of Altair President Curtis Allen.”

“Altair has experience working with TomoTherapy, which is very useful.”
“We have a strong technical relationship with Altair due to their high quality product and brazing skills.”

Bob Evenson
Director of Manufacturing

“Altair meets the specs for our components, and provides fantastic quality.”

“Altair’s engineering people have been working with CPI for a long time. They know what needs to be done. I still work with guys who were there from the beginning.”

“Altair does brazing of metal to metal. But Altair does metal to ceramic equally well. Their engineering people are involved and that makes it easier for everyone. They do a good job, and they deliver on time. They have the ability to work on vacuum environments. And their work is always clean.”

Mike Bayless
Engineering Manager

“Oncology Services International (OSI) has recently teamed up with Altair Technologies Inc. to help provide our Radiation Oncology and Industrial Radiography customers with a variety of high quality products at reasonable prices that beat the OEM’s. We are extremely pleased that we made the decision to go with Altair. The support provided by their Sales and Engineering team are excellent. In one case, their CEO went the extra mile and drove 8 hrs to our customers’ site to assist in the installation and activation of the High Energy Electron Gun. Now “that” is dedication! Our customers depend on OSI to get their machines back on-line at a reasonable cost and we know we can rely on Altair to support those challenges.”

Dominic Greco
Regional Vice President

“We recently installed the High Energy Gun received from Altair Technologies. We had an extremely demanding customer with free standing Cancer Treatment machine that was completely shut down due to a faulty OEM Gun. Due to our relationship with this treatment center, we could not afford the slightest delay or complication on the replacement of the failed Varian Electron Gun. The Altair gun was a direct replacement that activated quickly and was soon running like a champ. Thank you, Altair.”

Ron Drake
Senior Vice President

Muons, Inc. builds devices, especially linear accelerators that are used to study particles. They are not a production facility. Muons builds specialized equipment for scientific applications. Altair has done good work for Muons over the years. Al Dudas says that Altair is a good brazing house with excellent engineering support.

“We had a tricky need for an RF window. The components have to meet very tight specs. Altair knew these components. They came up with a better product for this application. And it costs less.”

“You can talk with them to solve problems. They have a reputation for long relationships with their customers.”

“We had a problem with a component, and they took it upon themselves to find a solution. They didn’t wait for us to tell them. And they didn’t charge for it.”

“Altair goes above and beyond the basic assignment, on-time delivery.”

Al Dudas
Senior Scientist

“I’ve done business with Altair on two different projects that consisted of customized cooling plates for a high power laser system. The cold plate design consisted of an array of small cooling channels in close contact to a cover plate. I consulted with their engineering department on how they could braze these plates together without blocking the small channels and so that there would be little or no internal leakage. After several discussions, I decided to have ALTAIR provide the machined components and braze them as well. The parts were very nicely made and have performed nicely. I went back to them afterwards for a much larger and more advanced version of this design which also turned out very nicely. Very nice people ”

Richard Hayes

Altair has been instrumental to the success of our company’s ever-increasing service needs, and will be a critical partner as we meet our ambitious plans for future business. With excellent processes,
quality, turnaround time and tech support, they have exceeded our expectations. We are happy to work with them and highly recommend their services.

Dario Sekelj
Sales Director

“The Altair Technologies engineering team has been instrumental in the development and success of our program. The support and interaction definitely exceeded our expectations. Altair’s engineers and support staff were eager to help the project move forward. Their dedication will definitely make them our first choice when it comes to developing HI VAC structures in the future.”

Ahren Kolka

“For the past few years Altair Technologies has been an integral technology partner for our new product development efforts. Their talented support staff delivers real-time recommendations and solutions to the most challenging joining applications. You would have a tough time trying to find another brazing company offering the quality of services that Altair provides. We consider Altair Technologies a valued and key supplier who enables us to compete for, and capture significant business opportunities.”

Tony Meadors
Account Manager / Applications Engineer